Correction: In the article about our ancestors and their conversions to the gospel (Vol. 6 No. 1, March 2008), I included a very brief account of the experiences of Shadrach and Betsy Roundy. The chapter in Renee Mounteer's book, "Shadrach and Betsy Roundy - Their Roots and Their Legacy," found on pages 74 to 93 is entitled "A Spiritual Dawn," and it contains a wonderful and very detailed description of their lives and conversion to the restored Gospel. Because of the size constraints of this newsletter, I pulled very small portions of it for my readers. The mistake I made was in saying that Shadrach bought land in Ohio. The land was actually over the border to the east in Pennsylvania, in an area named Fairview, near Erie, PA. To give perspective to this location, were we to compare the distances from Spafford, NY to Fairview, PA to Kirtland, OH, it would be similar to the distances out west between Boise, ID to Brigham City, UT to Salt Lake City, UT, respectively, so you can see that his new property was near enough to Kirtland that he could travel there when needed (and he did so). Shadrach and Betsy had family in the area of Fairview and had eight children of their own at the time and must have deemed it a good place to care for the family. Several times over their years there, Shadrach and Betsy were visited by church authorities, including the Prophet Joseph Smith in their home in Pennsylvania. This location was on the strategic transportation route along Lake Erie. I recommend to anyone to read Renee's book for more details.