Archie Earl Buchanan/Florene Davis Genealogy

Vol. 2, No. 1 - March 2004
Prepared by

Joseph F. Buchanan
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This past few months, I have been spending time exploring our Welsh ancestry, particularly the Davies line. John Johnson Davies gave us quite a bit of information in his journal. The stories he tells are very interesting as well. I will give some details of my research later in the letter. First I would like to dedicate some space to John Johnson Davies himself.

John Johnson Davies and his writings

John Johnson Davies did not consider himself a man of learning. He particularly mentioned this is his poem:
I am a verry Poor Speller
and also verry poor writer
I know but little about gramer
then please to Excuse all my blunders
From reading his words and transcribing them a few years ago, I came to love the man because he did not let that stop him from writing. I wish more of us would ignore our weaknesses in writing and write anyway. There is so much we can learn from each other.

He grew up in Carmarthen, South Wales, was baptized in the LDS Church in 1852 along with much of his family. He says of this time:
"In the month of August 1851. the Father and Mother of the girl that i kept company with was rebaptized into the Church of latter day Saints. The son. and the daughter of Father Davies and also myself was baptized on the 10. of Janury 1852. into the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day Saind. by Abednego Jones. ... The nex day was Sunday. we whent to meeting and we was confirmed by the Elders. nex Sunday the 18. i whent to meeting. and i was ordained a priest in this meeting. and was sent out with two of the Elders to bear testimony to the people. I traveled a good deel with the Elders to help them with the singing. and to bear testimony. i know that the preaching and singing of the latter day saints. as an influence. that the world dont have. i know that this is true."
He was married in 1853. Here is what he said of the experience:
"Now I will write a few words aboute the weding. it was on the 3. of october 1853. that i got married to Mariah Davies the daughter of Henry and Martha Davies. This was in Carmarthen City South Wales. There was a few of the prominent Elders invited to the weding and we had a pleasent time. we had song, speache Resitation tosts. and poetry composed for the occasion by the Elders of the latter day Saints."
His record is full of poetry that he wrote. I would like to show some examples of his poetry. When he had trying times or times of great emotion, he seemed to best express his feelings in verse. Here are some examples:
My Early days

I offten think of my youthfull days
When romeing through the streets of Wales
With my comrads that was full of glee
And verry seldom we disagree

Those days whent fast the years rouled on
untill i was nearly twenty one
Then i thought it was time for me
too stop my romeing and fooish glee

So i turn my thoughts to greater worth
And then i found. the precious truth
Then i obayed. the laws of heaven
The plan our Savior. to us given

And now my friends. i have something new
The truth of which. I'll reveled to you
I've surch. and surch. but never see
Yes, only one that suited me

This maide i loved. i thought would be
A comefort and a joy to me
And truly i must say twas so
for she was kind and loveing too

And now the time. at last has come
To be united. both as one
And now once more the truth I'll tell
That i was suited Extra well, Davies

Poets of to Day

The poets of today. maks beautifll rhymes
Some of their writings. are truly sublime
Also they give us. some grand sentiments
And the poets they make. they are Excellents

how grand are the himes that the poet maks
They gladen the hearts and the human race
And when they'er sung in religious meeting
The words and music. to us are pleasing

Some men will say they are not so great
The poems that they to us repeat
Indeed those men do not appreceate
The wisdom that they. to us relate

I take great pleasure in reading poetry
And also to read some good history
They give me comefort in my lonesome hours
Enlightens my mind. and gives me pleasurs

And now my friends i'll quite my nosence
And leve the feild to men of science
But i want you all. to understand
That i've poor language at my command, J. J. Davies
The Glorious Plan

And when i think. of the gloriouse plan
God had reveled. unto fallen man
It gives me joy within my mind
to think that God. had been so kind

And the gospel. plan. will save the world
if they will obey. the laws of God
And also them. that's now in prisen
for they must here the laws of heaven

our Savior whent there to unlock the door
also did preach. to them that was there
Joseph and Brigham. and Heber as well
They have gon there. the glad tidings to tell

And our ancesters. and friends are there
looking to us. their way to prepare
Then let us go. and work for the dead
This we can do. in the temples of God

And this will be. yes a glorious time
When friends and relations. will meet again
And when they do meet. how happy they'll be
In peace and love. through all Eternity,
J. J. Davies

In Memory of the Mountains

How beautifull it is. on a fine summer day
to travel o're the mountains. when all things looks gay
the air is so refreshing, which maks us feel good
And when the meal time comes, we can relish our food

The trees on the mountains. looks grand as we pass by
And Every thing we see, looks pleasing to the Eye
The meddows and the Laks, how beautifull they look
And also the puer watter. that flows in the brook

And the different flowers smels good as we pass by
They are here by thounsands and we see them every day
And here is the ranchers, making butter and chees
And these are good to have in summer and winter days
John J. Davies

In Memory of My departed Wife

And now once more. my sorrow has come
And ho how glomey tis here at home
for my wife has gon to her hevenly rest
to minggle with friends and also the just

She has left five children of her own
And six of mine all here for to morn.
After a good mother and a friend
And she's gon. and left us here behind,
husband J. J. Davies
In February of 1854, He left with his family from Liverpool for the long journey to the land of Zion, arriving in the Salt Lake Valley shortly after October Conference. They had many hardships along the way. He described it very well. I will not give much more of his history here. I have it on my genealogy web pages. The transcription I did was taken from his record up to 1892. There is more in the book that I haven't transcribed yet. I hope to finish the work later this year. As you can see on the web pages, I have two versions, one in his own language, with no correction of spelling and grammar, and the other modified to make it more readable. Links to the history can be found at HTTP://

Research concerning the family of Henry William Davies

I did some extensive research on Wales records over the past few months. It appears that the records that are available have been already researched and the temple work has been done for the most part. I found a few instances where I could not find record that temple work was done. For most of the others, not only was the temple work done, but it was done many times over. In looking up temple information on I had to pick and choose which dates and temples I wanted to record for the work done.

For those interested, please contact me and I will send you copies of completed family group sheets and pedigree charts or a disk containing GEDCOM data for the Davies line. I do not put it on the web pages because of the sacred nature of temple work.

In the chart here, you can see the lines as far was we have them. In conclusion I would like to make a few comments.

- It appears that some of these people, going further back in history, are using partronymics. For example, some entries show Phillip David as David Phillip and the child takes on as his last name the first name of his father, and so on back generation to generation. So John Davies is shown in different places John David and also as John Davies.
- On the line of John Johnson Davies' wife, Rachel Maria Davies, much of her family comes from an old parish named St. Ismael. St. Ishmael is one of the older parishes in Carmarthen, formed in 1581. The records are quite good, including Bishop's Transcripts going back to the early 1600's. I have copies of the wills for William Morris and David Anthony, both of St. Ishmaels. One interesting thing about William Morris is that there are two men by the name of William Morris, both married in the same year of 1741. I appears that the children of our William Morris are listed as children of William Morris and Elizabeth to distinguish them from the children of the other William and his wife Margaret.
- The Welsh language seems to be quite a mouthful. I looked up a few things on the Internet. A lot of names begin with the double LL, particularly names beginning with Llan, Welsh for Saint, such as Llanstephan.. The pronunciation of LL is something like a breathy th sound. A web page(, describes: 'Put your tongue in the position for "l" and blow out.' The web page also has recorded pronunciations available.

John Johnson Davies
28 December 1831, Carmarthen, South Wales - 23 December 1906, Kanarra, Iron, Utah