Archie Earl Buchanan/Florene Davis Genealogy

Vol. 3, No. 2 - June 2005
Prepared by

Joseph F. Buchanan
7472 Silver Circle
West Jordan, UT 84084
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A Little More About Frontier Kentucky

I am currently searching periodicals and newspapers from frontier Kentucky, trying to find some reference to our ancestors if possible. These newspapers I have searched so far are somewhat interesting. They seem to be mainly for commercial purposes, listing products for sale, including livestock and slaves. The newspapers also reported events concerning the workings of congress and the government in the East. The ratification of the new Constitution was reported and the text of the document was printed. The Kentuke Gazette copies on microfilm in the Family History library begins in August 1787.

Also in the Gazette are reports of troubles with the Indians. Here is an example: "Lexington, January 23 We are just now informed, that on Saturday the 16th Inst. the Indians killed or took 2 men and a lad near the mouth of Lee's creek, on the Ohio. There were 6 whites in company, 3 of which escaped, but are not able to inform whether those missing are killed or taken, the last they saw of them the Indians had them prisoners. And about Thursday or Friday last, they killed two men some where on the waters of the hanging Fork of Dick's River, who had carried a number of horses to a Cane-break, for range." The Kentucky Gazette Vol III No. XXII, Saturday, January 23, 1790, p. 1

Some if the issues contain what are called "anecdotes". Here is one that might bring a smile: "A Recruiting officer, during the late war, had orders, not to remain more than three days in a place; he being somewhat profane, was told by a gentleman present, that for such wickedness he would certainly go to Hell - how long shall I stay there (replied the officer) to all eternity returned the other, that is wrong returned the son of Mars, for I have Gen. Washington's orders not to remain more than three days in one place." Anecdote in June 21, 1790, p 2 (VOL III NUMB XLIII)

Nancy Ann Bache was born in Lexington in February 1790. I am looking for references to the Bach or Buchanan family in that time period. So far, I have not found anything, but it will take me a while to get through this and some other periodicals of the time.

Roundy Genealogy

A lot of research has been done on the line of Shadrach Roundy. His ancestry were many generations in New England. I have only done a little work in checking out what has been done in order to see what still can be done. The main problem I see is that many of the lines end with their arrival in New England from England. Records were kept fairly well in Massachusetts and the other colonies, but tying them back to places in England is a problem. Many of the passenger lists are incomplete, especially as far back as these go. Even where there are records, they are not very specific about the origination points in England. In the following chart, the ancestry of Shadrach Roundy is shown, as far as I have (names only). Each father has a number that is twice that of his child. All are from New England (mainly Connecticut and Massachusetts) except where noted in England. The arrows indicate that the line continues back (in my records) somewhat for those in England.

                    64 Phillip ROUNDY (Isle of Guernsey)
                32 Robert ROUNDY
                        130 Edward BUSH (, England)
                    65 Ann BUSH
            16 John ROUNDY
                33 Deborah PLUMB
        8 Robert ROUNDY
                    68 Claude Charles DELAND (Brittany, France) -->
                34 Benjamin DELAND
            17 Mary DELAND
                        140 John Richard George HODGES (Middlesex, England)
                    70 George HODGES
                35 Catherine HODGES
                        142 Francis HUDSON (Kent, England)
                    71 Mary HUDSON
    4 John ROUNDY
                    72 William GREEN (Cambridgeshire, England) -->
                36 William GREEN
                    73 Hannah CARTER (, England) -->
            18 Francis GREEN
                    74 Francis KENDALL (Norfolk, England) -->
                37 Hannah KENDALL
                        150 John TIDD (Isle of Wight, England)
                    75 Mary TIDD
        9 Elizabeth GREEN
            19 Elizabeth TORREY
  2 Uriah ROUNDY
                    80 Samuel BASS (Essex, England) -->
                40 Thomas BASS
                    81 Anne SAVILLE (Essex, England) -->
            20 John BASS
                    82 Nicholas WOOD
                41 Sarah WOOD
                        160 Thomas Pidge (Essex, England) -->
                    80 Mary PIDGE
        10 Thomas BASS
                42 Henry NEALE (Leicester, England)
            21 Elizabeth NEALE
                    86 Quinton PRAY (Yorkshire, England)
                43 Hannah PRAY
    5 Mary BASS
                44 Thomas PARRISH (Suffolk, England) -->
            22 John PARISH (PARRISH)
                45 Mary DANFORTH (Suffolk, England)
        11 Dorothy PARISH
                    92 Richard WATTLES (, England)
                46 John WATTLES
            23 Mary WATTELL (WADEL)
                        188 John GOLE (Somerset, England)
                    94 Francis GOULD
                47 Mary GOOLE
1 Shadrack ROUNDY - - - - (above is his father's line, below is his mother's line) - - - -
                    96 Edmund NEEDHAM (Middlesex, England) -->
                48 Daniel NEEDHAM
            24 Edmund NEEDHAM
                    98 Thomas CHADWELL (, England)
                49 Ruth CHADWELL
        12 Daniel NEEDHAM
                50 Richard HOOD (Norfolk, England) -->
            25 Hannah HOOD
                    102 Anthony NEWHALL (Buckingham, England) -->
                51 Mary NEWHALL
    6 Daniel NEEDHAM
        13 Isabella ARMSTRONG
  3 Lucretia NEEDHAM
                    112 Bozoune ALLEN (Norfolk, England)
                56 Ephraim ALLEN
                    113 Ann ALBY (Norfolk, England) -->
            28 Ephraim ALLEN
        14 Ephraim ALLEN
            29 Susannah ALLEN
    7 Hannah ALLEN OR ALLAN
        15 Susana BACON
Shadrach Roundy's wife, Betsey Quimby, has similar considerable ancestry in New England and England.
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