Archie Earl Buchanan/Florene Davis Genealogy

Vol. 3, No. 3 - September 2005
Prepared by

Joseph F. Buchanan
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Fifields and Colcords of New Hampshire

Our ancestor Mary Fifield married Daniel Bean (or MacBean) sometime about 1692 in New Hampshire. Mary's two grandfathers, William Fifield and Edward Colcord, are fairly prominent in the settling and building up of their community in New England. Mary's and Daniel's great-great granddaughter was Betsy Quimby, wife of Shadrach Roundy who both joined the church before the church was two years old. These tough New England pioneers sacrificed a lot to come to America to live and raise families in uncertain and insecure times. The Fifields and the Colcords were among these early settlers who came from England. We do not have much to go on for the origins of either William Fifield or Edward Colcord, other than their prominence in the local early history of Hampton, New Hampshire. It is likely that William Fifield came from Hampshire, England, though some records say he came from Scotland. In searching around the internet, I came across some research that has been done concerning the Fifield Family. Juliet Gayton of England has a lot of data on the English Fifields. The following data is derived from her research plus that of Glen Fifield of Logan, Utah, and includes the family that William possibly came from. Here are some pertinent excerpts (The entire report can be found at ):
John Fifield (of Hampshire, England), born around 1544, married Gyllian, of Littleton, Hampshire, England, died 1610 in Headbourn Worthy, Hampshire, England.
He left a will on 19 Feb 1609/10 in Headborne Worthy, Hampshire, England.
He had a son named William (born about 1567), who had a son named John (born about 1589, died 1654/55). John left a will dated 5 Oct. 1653. John had a son, named William, who was named in the will. An interesting fact is mentioned in the document: "While the other children were in the area thereafter, William does not appear in the records of Hampshire after 1634, and is not mentioned in the wills of his siblings who otherwise mention each other. Bank's Topological Dictionary of English Emigrants to New England says William came from that area. Therefore the assumption that this John was the father of William..."
The record says of William: "William immigrated from London on the ship Hercules, John Kiddey, Master, which left London March 24, 1634 and Southampton April 18 with 12 passengers. It landed Ipswich MA in April. He became one of the original settlers of Hampton, NH in 1638 and died there in 1700 at 88 years of age. Records indicate that he had the confidence of his townspeople and other tories in settlement of affairs in dispute. He acted as Attorney, Constable and Sheriff in cases of
record." (end of excerpts)
William's son, Benjamin is mentioned in local New Hampshire records mainly because of his tragic death (found in Hampton, New Hampshire town records 1645-1832 - Family History Library film # 15159):
"Benjamin Fifield aged about 60 years was barborously killed in his pasture not far from his house by the indians on the 1st day of August 1706 and a young lad kild or taken (printed page #573)"
Edward Colcord came from England, but nothing can be found of him there. Some suppose that his name was changed, possibly from Colcott. Edward Colcord is mentioned in "Piscataqua Pioneers - Selected Biographies of Early Settlers in Northern New England" Issues 1960 and 2000.
Here is a little bit of information about the Colcords taken from Norfolk county records (spelling and punctuation kept in original form):
Mary Colcord ye daughter of Edward Colcord was born ye (4th) (8th) mo 1649
Edward ye sonne of Edward Colcord & Ann his wyfe was borne the ye (2d) of (12th) mo 1651
Deborah ye daughter of Edward Colcord & Anne his wyfe was born ye ye 14th 12th mo 1664
Ould Edward Colcord died february 10th 1681
Edward Colccord Juner Abraham perkins Juner: Benjamin Hilyard & Caleb Towle were all slaine by ye Barborous Heathen upon the 13th day of June 1677

Quimby Genealogy

As with the Roundy genealogy, a lot of work has been done. I have not researched this work much, and know that there are a few discrepancies in some of the work, but I show it here nonetheless. The above discussion of the Fifields and Colcords fits in this chart as you see below. Pretty much all of the Quimby line is in New England, originating from England, with the one exception of the Beans who come from Scotland.

                        128 Thomas QUIMBY  (Surrey, England) -->
                    64 William QUIMBY
                32 Robert QUIMBY
            16 John QUIMBY
                        132 Christopher OSGOOD (Hampshire, England) -->
                    66 William OSGOOD [SR]
                        133 Elizabeth BROCKWELL (Wiltshire, England) -->
                33 Elizabeth OSGOOD
                        134 John CLERE (CLARE)
                    67 Elizabeth CLERE (CLARE)
        8 John QUIMBY (Betsy's great-grandfather)
                    68 Thomas MUDGETT ( , England) -->
                34 Thomas MUDGETT
                    69 Ann WORTON
            17 Mary MUDGETT
                        140 Richard CLEMENTS (Leicestershire, England)
                    70 Robert CLEMENTS
                        141 Agnes (Alice) FELLOWS
                35 Sarah CLEMENTS
                    71 Lydia DRUMMER (Leicestershire, England)
    4 John QUIMBY (Betsy's grandfather)
                        144 Aaron BEAN MACBAYNE
                    72 Donald BEAN MACGILLIS (Inverness, Scotland) -->
                36 John BEAN OR MACBAYNE
            18 Daniel BEAN OR MACBEAN
        9 Mary BEAN
                        152 John FIFIELD (Hampshire, England) -->
                    76 William FIFIELD
                        153 Alice
                38 Benjamin FIFIELD
                    77 Mary
            19 Mary FIFIELD
                    78 Edward COLCORD (  , England)
                39 Mary COLCORD
                        158 Poss. Thomas NUDD
                    79 Ann PAIGE NUDD (Devon, England)
                        159 Mrs. Margaret NUDD
  2 Moses QUIMBY (Betsy's Father)
                        160 Richard SARGENT (Somerset, England) -->
                    80 William SARGENT
                        161 Katherine STEVENS OR STEVE
                40 William SARGENT
                        162 John PERKINS (Warwickshire, England) -->
                    81 Elizabeth PERKINS
                        163 Judith GATER
            20 Phillip SARGENT
                        164 Thomas COLBY (Lincoln, England) -->
                    82 Anthony COLBY
                        165 Anne JACKSON (Lincoln, England) -->
                41 Mary COLBY
                    83 Susanna
       10 Philip SARGENT
                42 Henry TEWKESBURY (Kent, England)
            21 Mary TEWKESBURY
                        172 Thomas COPP (Warwickshire, England) -->
                    86 William COPP CAPP CAPE
                        173 Isabel GUNNE
                43 Martha COPP
                    87 Mrs. Judith COPP CAPP CAPE
    5 Martha SARGENT
                        176 George HADLEY (Suffolk, England)
                    88 George HADLEY
                        177 Elizabeth SPOONER
                44 Samuel HADLEY
                        178 John PROCTOR (London, England)
                    89 Mary PROCTOR
                        179 Martha
            22 Samuel HADLEY
                    90 George MARTIN MARTEN  (Hampshire, England)
                45 Jane MARTIN
                        182 Richard NORTH (Hampshire, England) -->
                    91 Susannah NORTH
                        183 Ursula NORTH
       11 Martha HADLEY
                        184 Thomas COLBY (Lincoln, England) -->
                    92 Anthony COLBY
                        185 Anne JACKSON (Lincoln, England) -->
                46 Isaac COLBY
                    93 Susanna
            23 Dorothy COLBY
                    94 Francis PARRATT (Lincoln, England)
                47 Martha PARRATT
                        190 John NORTHEND (Yorkshire, England) -->
                    95 Elizabeth NORTHEND
                        191 Elizabeth COLE (Yorkshire, England) -->
1 Betsey QUIMBY
  3 Hannah KENNEDY (Betsy's Mother - no more is know of that family)

Archie and Flo History Book

A number of years ago a book was put together with a lot of pictures, outlining the history of the family. I would like to take this valuable material and convert it to digital (computer) form so we can reprint it and put it on the family web pages. I am missing a fair number of the pictures so I would appreciate copies of them (or originals if possible). Please let me know if you have these. Here is a the beginning of the book. The main text begins on page 5 of the history. This picture shown here is found on page 4.

"We will begin with the life of Archie Earl. Archie Earl and his twin sister Carrie Myrl were born March 25, 1892, in Colonia Dublan Mexico. Their parents, Archibald Waller Overton Buchanan, and Caroline Sophia Sorenson Buchanan (page 4), had been counseled to go to Mexico with other church members who were exiles for the Gospel's sake. There they were offered protection for the privilege of making a living. Archibald worked in a flour mill - a grist mill that ground grain into flour.

"The family loved in a little log cabin with a dirt floor and a dirt roof. Nevertheless it was kept clean and tidy. Here in this humble home filled with love, the twins Archie Earl and Carrie Myrl were born, the last two of Archibald's wonderful family. The 'midwife' who officiated was Harry L. Payne, a son-in-law of Archibald's. His only qualifications were that he was neat and clean and full of faith.

"Earl remembered having this picture taken (page 4). He had never seen a rocking horse before. Myrl didn't want her picture taken and the only way she would consent was that she would be given a candy stick. She is holding the candy stick between the horse's ears.

"Earl had two older sisters, Delilah and Mary Ann. Three brothers died in infancy, Loren, Aaron and Ammon."
(This page also has spaces for two pictures of this young family, but I do not have them.)

Another Frontier Kentucky Anecdote

I am still searching the frontier Kentucky newspapers and come across some humorous entries occasionally. He is another one:

Anecdote (May 19, 1792, Kentucky gazette, p 4)
"It was a custom with Benjamin Lay [a very strict and outspoken abolitionist of the time], to visit at times the houses of worship belonging to other religious societies than his own. He would not go within the walls, but stood at the door. He one day attended at Christ Church, where the late dr. Jenny was preaching on the subject of the day of judgement. After service, while the congregation were coming out of the church, Benjamin was very desirous to know from those who passed him, how the sheep were to be distinguished from the goats at the last day. A facetious gentleman, whom he applied himselfto, took him by the beard, and giving it a good shake, replied,'by their beards Benjamin'".

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