Archie Earl Buchanan/Florene Davis Genealogy

Vol. 5, No. 3 - Sept. 2007
Prepared by

Joseph F. Buchanan
7472 Silver Circle
West Jordan, UT 84084
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Continuing Research on the Sorensen Line

My research on the Sorensen line yielded some good news recently.

In July, I checked on some points concerning the line in general and then spent awhile researching Danish census information. My sons helped me do some of this research. I happened across a web site that had a lot of information digitized from these old records. I did not find anything interesting in the census records, but found some probate records that contained the name I am looking for: Svend Jensen. I found the record showing his family including a brother, two sisters and his parents listed. I used that information to try to get more information, but came up with nothing. The parish records are missing from that time frame (1705 - 1747), so this is important information.

Our stake participated in a youth conference activity this year where we went to Martin's Cove and pulled handcarts. I was on the support staff and my two sons, Mark and Adam were participating. In preparation for the Trek, our leaders asked us to research some family names and on a specified day, members of the stake did baptisms for the dead. We were encouraged to do this work for our own ancestors. Through the information I found in the probate records mentioned above, We each (the three of us) had one family name. Adam had Jens Svendsen, his 7th great grandfather and Mark and I had Svend and Arendt Jensen, respectively, two sons of Jens Svendsen, Svend Jensen being their 6th great grandfather.

These rewarding experiences continued. On the 29th of August, at the Library, I asked about some parish locations, based on towns where some of the Svendsen family lived, found in the probate records previously mentioned. I had a couple of options to follow, but chose to look into Gyrstinge first. I said a prayer as I started looking through the microfilm records. After getting used to the handwriting a while (see some samples below), I started finding Svend Jensen's name on records and started putting together the family. I consulted with the research experts and had some words explained to me. I printed a number of pages of the microfilm. I also looked for a sister's husband's name, Lorents Thuesen and found the record of his father's death. That record, in particular, was interesting because the experts were stymied somewhat on what the record said and asked that I print a copy for them and come back the next day for clarification. As it happened, I did some quick searching in my last minutes before closing and found the marriage record of Jens Svendsen and Karen Ollesdatter without having much difficulty. As I was printing that off, the brother who was trying to read the death record, interpreted it and told me the word he could not read before was "old father", meaning that Lorents Thuesen's father was old (82 years old) and was the town smith of Ørslevvester. It just gave his first name, though: Thues. I felt that the Lord blessed me in being able to find these people and find them so directly. I planned on coming the next evening.

These are copies of two of the records found. The one on the left is the marriage record of Jens Svendsen and Karen Ollesdatter, married 25 post trini 1723 (14 Nov.) in ørslevvester, found in the Gyrstinge records. The one on the right is of the birth of Svend Jensen, christening date Estomihi 1728 (8 Feb), also found in the Gyrstinge records.

On the next evening I went to the library and got the same film, but did not find much. I prayed for assistance again. I should be able to find more on the siblings families on this film, but I felt I should follow information on Karen Ollesdatter's family in the town of Egerup. I found the parish to be Bringstrup and got that film and put it on the reader next to me. I ended up spending all my time on that one because I found so much information, not only for Karen and her family, but also of Svend Jensen and his birth records. Again, I used the experts there and made good progress. As the time was coming to a close, I decided to jump ahead to the death records and found exactly what I was looking for fairly quickly again: the death records of Oluf Jensen, Karen's father. I then found the record of his wife Kirsten's death. After her death, Oluf married the woman who would become Karen's mother. Again, I was directed to find things. It was a great experience.

I haven't gotten back to the library since then for more research, but I expect to continue on this and hope to find records of the brothers and sisters and their families as well. Some of these have had their temple work done, but many have not.

Here is a summary of the line. In this chart Ole Svendsen is the maternal grandfather of Ane Nielsen, mother of Caroline Sophia Sorensen.

                               Ole Svendsen
                               c. 26 Apr 1767 Pedersborg, Soro, Denmark
                               d. 3 Feb 1823 Terslose, Holbaek,Denmark
            Svend Jensen                                   Karen Hansdatter
            c. 8 Feb 1728 Gyrstinge,                       b. Abt 1735 of, Pedersborg,
               Alsted, Soro, Denmark                          Soro, Denmark
            d. 23 Aug 1775 Pedersborg,Soro,Denmark
 Jens Svendsen                      Karen Ollesdaatter
 b. Abt 1693 of Orslevvester,       c. 20 Mar 1698 Egerup,
    Soro, Denmark                      Soro, Denmark
 m. 14 Nov 1723 Gyrstinge,          d. Abt 23 Dec 1753 Pedersborg,
    Alsted,Soro, Denmark               Soro, Denmark
    |--------*--------|                |--------*-------|
Svend Jensen  Ingeborg Jensdatter  Oluf Jensen   Sidsel Knudsdatter
b. Abt 1670                        b. 1642          b. 1668
of Egerup                          of Egerup        Alsted, Soro
m. 30 Dec 1685                     m. 5 Oct 1690    d. Aft. 1708
Egerup, Soro,                      of Egerup
Denmark                            d. 6 Aug 1708
d. abt 9 May 1711                  Egerup, Soro,Dnmk

Children of Jens Svendsen and Karen Ollesdatter:
  1. Karen Jensdatter c. 9 Nov 1724 Gyrstinge, Alsted, Soro, Denmark
  2. Svend Jensen c. 8 Feb 1728 Gyrstinge, Alsted, Soro, Denmark [see above]
  3. Maren Jensdatter c. 10 Jun 1731 Gyrstinge, Alsted, Soro, Denmark
  4. Arendt Jensen c. 29 Mar 1736 Gyrstinge, Alsted, Soro, Denmark

Children of of Oluf Jensen and Sidsel Knudsdatter
  1. Dorthe Olsdatter c. 7 Jun 1691 Egerup, Soro, Denmark
  2. Kirsten Ollesdaatter c. 18 Jun 1693 Egerup, Soro, Denmark
    married Lorents Thuesen: - Son of Thues [more of their family found]
  3. Knud Olsen c. 22 Sep 1695 Egerup, Soro, Denmark
  4. Karen Ollesdaatter c. 20 Mar 1698 Egerup, Soro, Denmark [see above]
  5. Maren Ollesdaatter c. 10 Jun 1703 Egerup, Soro, Denmark
  6. Peder Olsen c. 30 May 1706 Egerup, Soro, Denmark

Home on the Range

I have grown up with the knowledge that the Buchanan family had their own version of "Home on the Range." Only going by memory, I started teaching this to my own family and we have been singing it together for years. Recently, I found a sheet of music (a copy of a handwritten manuscript given out at a reunion many years ago), that shows the words and music in a nice arrangement. I took this and re-wrote it into a computer program for music. I do not include it in this issue because of space considerations, but show an excerpt. The entire document can be found on the website.

Some Headstones in the Kanarraville Cemetery

Recently, the Roundy family organization had a memorial stone made for Lorenzo Wesley Roundy. He lived in and was a bishop in Kanarraville at the time of his death on May 24, 1876. He drowned in the Colorado River at Lee's Ferry. Since his body was not recovered, there was no burial in the cemetery. To get to the cemetery, go to the center of town, turn west on 100 North and go a few blocks until the road ends at a T, turn left then the next right and drive out a ways towards the freeway. You will see the cemetery on your left. I visited the cemetery recently and saw the stone. The GPS location of it is: 37°32'21" N 113°11'50"W.

Among other stones at the cemetery, I found the stone for Mariah Davies, wife of John Johnson Davies. She was only 36 when she died in 1869. Her stone is located at 37°32'20" N 113°11'48"W.