Archie Earl Buchanan/Florene Davis Genealogy

Vol. 8, No. 1 - September 2012
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Sorensen Family Stories and Pictures

My focus this past year or so has been with the Sorensen family. It has been quite an adventure. As many of you already know, I finished writing the history of Hans Sorensen earlier this year. A month or so ago, I felt like I should research a little more into the oldest son of Hans. Soren Peter Sorensen did not come to America with the rest of his family and not much was known about him, so I did a little research and wrote a short paper outlining what I learned about him and his family. In addition to these works, I received a few pictures of the area where the Sorensens lived in Denmark. Ken Hansen, Maxine's son, took a trip to Denmark with his son and sent me some of the pictures he took. This issue of the newsletter is a report of those three activities concerning the Sorensen family.

The Hans Sorensen History

Besides finding many interesting details about Hans Sorensen and his family, one of the most rewarding benefits of my work on this history was discovering the many cousins we have among the descendants of Hans Sorensen. Over the years, I was aware of some children of Hans Sorensen and his second wife, Tilda. It was a pleasant surprise to discover that a few of Hans and Tilda's grandchildren are still living. I made acquaintance with one of them in person, Thelma Mason Pollei. She is a delightful person who has a lot of interesting stories and pictures that her side of the family has kept over the years. Because of her information and contacts provided by her to other members of the family, I was able to fill in a lot of details concerning Hans and his family's experiences in Utah during the difficult years when the U. S. marshalls pursued the polygamists in the territory. I also found other cousins and other histories written about the family and was able to fit them all together as best I could, hopefully to make a complete and accurate history. Another interesting source in information that I discovered in this research process was the court documents recording the process of Hans Sorensen's arrest, conviction and incarceration at the latter part of his life. All of this together helped me piece together a fuller history of him and his family.

Soren Peter Hansen Sorensen

The life of Soren Peter was still a mystery to me. Not much was said in the family records about him after the family came to America, so I did a little research into the online Danish records. I found a number of references in the church and census records in Aarhus, Denmark where he lived and raised his family.
Soren Peter was the oldest child of Hans and Ane Sorensen. He endured much of the persecution the family received because of their joining the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1858. In 1871, his mother, sister and youngest brother emigrated to America. His sister, Mette Marie, went to Utah the year before. His father and remaining brother, Andrew William worked to earn money so they could emigrate and finally did so in the summer of 1872. In the mean time, on May 3, 1872, Soren Peter married Christine Petersen in the Aarhus parish cathedral (Aarhus Domsogn). They had seven children, 5 girls and 2 boys. Only two of the children lived to adulthood: Hans Peter and Sophia Christine. Sophia Christine joined the LDS church as an adult and then emigrated to Utah and married Isaac Hansen in the Manti Temple. Hans Peter married when he was 38 and had only one child (as far as we can tell), a daughter. Soren Peter was probably baptized into the LDS church when he was twelve (according to, but it appears that he did not really have anything to do with the church in his adult life. His brother, Andrew William, served as a missionary in 1893-1895 in Denmark and visited Soren Peter a few times. The visits were usually well received and Soren Peter welcomed discussions about the restored gospel, but eventually he rejected the message. He died in Denmark in 1929. As far as I can tell, he had only the one grandchild left in Denmark to carry on his family there. In Utah, Sophia Christine had two children and their descendants are involved in the church, as far as I can tell. I was able to contact a few of them recently and provided the histories to them.

The histories of Hans Sorensen and Soren Peter can be found on the website:

On this page there are links to PDF documents of both histories.

Pictures From Denmark

Ken Hansen, visited Denmark and took a number of pictures. His son, Matt, posted the pictures on Picasa and I show a few here with their permission.

Hans Sorensen was born in Kragevig, which is very near to Kragerup. This is a picture of a sign pointing to the Kragerup Estate (Gods).

The family lived for a time in Ruds Vedby. This is a road leading to the town. Ken is standing by the side of the road in the distance.

This is looking the other way, away from Ruds Vedby, with Matt in the picture.

This is a house in the area of Ruds Vedby.

This is Ken on a bridge in Ørstedsparken, a public park in central Copenhagen, Denmark

Many thanks to Ken and Matt for providing these pictures of our Danish homeland!