Eddie Mathias Jacobson/Sarah Delilah Anderson Genealogy

Vol. 1, No. 1 - July 2004
Prepared by

Joseph F. Buchanan
7472 Silver Circle
West Jordan, UT 84084
(801) 566-1083


Over the past couple of years I have been involved with a number of family history activities, but have done a poor job of communicating with family about these activities. I have published a Family History Newsletter for my father's side of the family, but got to thinking that I should do the same for my mother's side. Since this is focused on Eddie Mathias Jacobson and Sarah Delilah Anderson and their ancestors, the name is as you see it. I hope to put together this newsletter with a new issue every three months. In the newsletter, I will include any of the work that any of us in the family are doing, either pure genealogical research or stories or pictures.

The main work I have done over that past few years is to go through the boxes of pictures. I have scanned in some of them and will include some in this and later newsletters. I have also shared some of the pictures with people of the Lovell family, most of which are in Idaho. They have compiled a number of family history resources that I will mention later in this issue of the Newsletter.

If this is of interest to the family, I would like to have the addresses (US Mail and/or Email) of those families descended from Eddie and Delilah. Please pass those on to me. My address is listed in the information block at the top of each issue of the Newsletter. I do not share there addresses with anyone else, if that is a concern. I also hope to place these newsletters on a web directory so they can be read and shared with others.

Family Photos

The pictures at the top of this newsletter are from a collection that I have. I am gradually scanning them in so I can share them. I have also been collecting stories, histories and some patriarchal blessings of the family. It seems that Grandma (Delilah) inherited them from her mother and kept them along with many of her own. Over the next few issues of this newsletter, I will print some of the stories and pictures. If any of the family has some pictures and stories to add to this process, they are welcome.

Lovell Family Organization

I attended the John Lovell Reunion last year in Ririe, Idaho. They have been doing some collecting of histories and pictures, also they hired some genealogical research in England. I have a computer disk containing PAF records of what they have done. They also made a professional quality video documentary about the life of John Lovell, called "The Lovell Family Legacy". They said it was OK to make copies, so if any are interested, please let me know. I also have a CD that was put together by Becky Freeman, a cousin of ours in Ririe, Idaho, with a lot of professional help from James Morgan, a relative of hers. Jim scanned a number of pictures that were shown at the reunion.
At the left here is a picture of Peter Anderson and Martha Ann Lovell shortly after their marriage. This is one picture I scanned in and contributed to the picture collection. The commentary on the disc says:

Anders Peter Anderson, son of Ana Pederson and Jens Andserson, step son of John Lovell Born: 10 Dec 1847, Died: 9 Apr 1932 Married 14 Apr 1873 Utah Martha Ann Lovell, daughter of John Lovell and Ann Parsons Lovell, Born: 24 Mar 1848, Died: 15, Jul 1952, Original of this picture in possession of Joseph Buchanan, West Jordan, Utah

The CD has 237 pictures (all JPEG format), some repeated. I can make copies of the CD for those who wish. One of the pictures is mis-labelled, it claims to be of Eddie Mathias and Sarah Delilah Jacobson, but I am sure it is someone else.
Another project of the Lovell family was to set up a monument in the Oak City Cemetery in honor of Ann Parsons, wife of John Lovell. I was dedicated May 22, 2004. She died 4 Dec 1851 in Iowa at Big Bend, where Martha Ann Lovell was born a few years earlier in March 1849. Her burial place was never located so the family decided to put the monument up in the cemetery where her husband John was buried many years later.

Here is the text of her patriarchal blessing:

Ann Lovell Patriarchal Blessing

Camp of Israel Winter Quarters February 15, 1848

A Blessing by Isaac Morley Patriarch on the head of Ann daughter of George and Ann Harney - Wife of John Lovell, born Bitson, Somersetshire, England in September 1808.

Sister Ann, in the name of the Lord Jesus I lay my hands on thy head and I bless thee with the Seal and blessing of thy Father for thou are numbered with the seed of Abraham and blest under the influence of the Everlasting Covenants with this seal and blessing for thou art become a legitimate heir to all the promised blessings, let thy heart rejoice for thou hast given thyself a living sacrifice in the waters of baptism and thou shalt share in the influence of the blessings of the Everlasting Priesthood in common with thy Partner and thou shalt be made to rejoice in his Society and in rearing thy offspring to the Lord and by promise I seal upon thy head the gift of thy little offsprings to be given thee in the morn of the first resurrection and thou shalt rejoice under the gifts and influence of the Everlasting Gospel for thy mind shall expand, thy tongue be loosed under its influence, life shall be given thee if in humility thou wilt ask until thou art satisfied with the same. Remember my daughter thy prayers in the season thereof in behalf of thy absent friends and relatives and the Lord will give them thee and thou shalt rejoice in their society in the land of America, the principles of faith shall rest upon thy mind and by thy prayer of faith disease shall be rebuked when preying upon the systems of thy children, let thy mind and thy affections be given to comfort and console thy partner and thy house shall be a house of order, the Spirit of the Lord will abide with thee and thou shalt have dreams and visions upon thy bed to comfort and console thy mind, the desires of thy heart shall be given thee to gather with the Saints, there thou shalt rejoice upon thy inheritance, there thy influence shall be extended in building Temples to the Lord, for thou shalt be blest with the gift to make clothing for those who labor upon it even on the Temple of the Most High, there thou shalt receive the fulness of thine enduement and be exalted and share in the blessings of thy exaltation in common with thy partner. Remember the seal of thy Father for thou hast in thy veins the blood of the Ancients that wore the seal of promise and I seal thee up to enjoy the blessings of Eternal lives in the Kingdom of thy God. Amen and Amen.