Eddie Mathias Jacobson/Sarah Delilah Anderson Genealogy

Vol. 3, No. 2 - October 2006
Prepared by

Joseph F. Buchanan
7472 Silver Circle
West Jordan, UT 84084
(801) 566-1083

Not Much This Time

I haven't got much this time to pass on to you. In fact, I may not do much more writing of this newsletter from now on a regular basis, but only as I have enough to make a publication.

I expect to get back to the Anderson genealogy records I have and get it all entered so I can see what work can be done (as I did for he Jacobson line). I will just let you all know via e-mail rather than this newsletter.

The rest of this publication contains a summary of the books and documents I have that might be of interest to you. I also show a couple of pictures, one that Caroline gave me a couple of months ago and one I scanned that shows Eddie as a young boy. I will be adding pictures and stories, etc. to the web page as time goes by so check there for new additions. Also, please send me anything that I can add to the web site.

Books and Documents

Here is a summary of books, pamphlets, etc. that I have. There are probably more than this, but these are the main ones. If any of you wish to borrow any of these, please let me know. In some cases, I have more than one copy.

The Descendants of Ane Pedersen Andersen Lovell - compiled by Glenn and Maurine Widdison
Dutson Family History (vol.1) 1957 - compiled by Louise Lyman Neilson and Dora Dutson Flack
Dutson Family History Vol. 2 1976 - compiled by Oda Bolan
Dutson Family History Vol. 3 1989 - compiled by Oda Bolan
Dutson Family History Vo1. 1, Revised 1998
      - by Dora Dutson Flack, Louise Lyman Nielson, Nel Lo Hepworth Bassett
Shadows of the Past - A Book about the homes and historical places of interest
     in Oak City, Utah Years 1868-1950, published 2001
Edward Leo Lyman, jr. 1881-1958 - published 1959
Burton F. Lovell - King of the Herd - published 1991

Visions From Time - The Life History of John Lovell and his wives - compiled by Rebecca Freeman

Some notebooks belonging to Eddie and Sarah Delilah Jacobson (not digitized):
Eddie and Delilah - "Cash Book" - recorded temple endowment work 1936 to 1959
Trustees' Account Book, School District No. 6, Millard County, Utah
     Starting School year 1900 and 1901 up until 1905,
     then it becomes the dairy breeding account for Eddie Jacobson running from 1937 to 1958

Audio Recordings (These have been digitized - I can give you a copy on CD if you wish):
Eddie Jacobson Funeral - cassette tape
Delilah Jacobson Funeral - reel tape

Other (I will put pictures of these on the web site soon):
The leather trunk used by Maren and Ole Hansen coming from Denmark
A lock of hair from Sarah Delilah
Ole Hansen's mandolin
Ole Hansen's baton (I think it was his)

Jacobson Family Picture - ca. 1964

This shows everybody in the family, with the inclusion of Conrad's inset picture. Gordon Fulwilder, in the lower right is an Indian boy who was living with the Buchanans.

Eddie Jacobson as a Young Boy

This was taken probably around the mid 1890's. Eddie is the closest in the front. The rest of the picture is fairly blurry.
(Click on the picture to enlarge, double-click to return to this size.)
The family history web site is: http://emjacobson.buchananspot.com