Computer Center People Over the Years

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As of July 1, 1997, all Computer Center Personnel became officially part of the ACLIS organization (Academic Computing and Library Information Services - within the Marriott Library). In the summer and fall of 1999, Ed sharp took an early retirement and the Systems and Networking group were transferred to the Telecommunications group on campus. The Help Desk was also affected. By Spring 2000 a significant number of the former UUCC people had either resigned the University or gone to other departments on campus.

It is now 2005. Gordon and Chuck have retired and others have moved to the Office of IT (formerly NetCom, formerly Telecommunications). With the move of David Hoisve and Chris Hessing this month, that leaves only three of us here in the Marriott Library: Steve Harper, Jeff Robinson and myself. Johnny Palsgraaf is here, but he left for a few years and I hired him as part of the TAC Center to support Uonline. Also, my son Nathan still works in the Heritage and Sage labs in Fort Douglas as a consultant.
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(note: those names with an asterisk* are from a Computer Center Personnel list dated January 1970)
Here are some historical facts and photos.

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