Joseph F. Buchanan's Bookmarks

This list generally contains a lot of things I have found interesting. It will change from time to time. Last change:02/03/09.Last reviewed links for freshness 2/3/2009 (but not for usefulness)

Starting Point
SmartParent - guide to safeguarding children in using the Internet
UNID tools
News, Weather, Earthquakes, etc.
TIME Daily News Summary
Christian Science Monitor
Deseret News
University of Utah Chronicle
Events for the day
U.S. Radar Map
Weather Satellite Image
National highway/automobile safety
UDOT home page
THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet
Calif/Nev Current Earthquake Map
State of Hawai`i Current Earthquake Information
University of Utah/Other Universities/Education Sites
U of U Home Page
Pioneer - Utah's Online Electronic Library
INFOFAIR - The best and the brightest
American Universities
Geography References, Population Statistics
AnyWho: Reverse Telephone Number Search - Find Person or Business using Telephone Number
USPS Address Quality & ZIP Code Lookup
Germany city maps
Terraserver map service
Topo Zone
GNIS DataBase Query Form
Lava Aerial Photographs
Roadside America Homepage
National Geographic
Utah Communities (ULCT)
Official State of Utah Website
Salt Lake County election district boundaries
GEOLOGIC HAZARDS TEAM (Earthquakes/Geomagnetic/Landslides)
PCL Map Collection
U.S. Gazetteer
How far is it?
Earth View
Welcome to the Isle of Man ...Isle of Man Guide
Ancient Scotland Tour - Home
Tommy's List of Live Cams Worldwide
Computer and Internet Related
Welcome to The Perl Institute
Internet Lists
Bare Bones Guide to HTML
Virus and security issues
Evans and Sutherland
Apple/Macintosh Specific:
The Mac Resource
The Mac Addict
History of Apple Computer
Macworld News
HyperActive Software/HyperCard Stories
Mac OS Support Main Page (U of U)
Apple - Developer Conference
Scripting Information
Everything Macintosh
Apple Support Home Page
MacTech Magazine
Stanford internet apps
Nisus Home Page
MacTCP Manual
Symantec software development products
Apple Computer Higher Education Home Page
Reference, Languages and Linguistics
WWWebster Thesaurus
EFFweb - The Electronic Frontier Foundation
German Language Dictionary
Foreign Languages for Travelers
Online Books Initiative
Project Gutenberg
The English Server
Genealogy on the World-Wide Web
PAF Review
NAMA (Manx) Home Page
Don Chesnut's Genealogy Page
People Search
Genealogy photos
Collaborative system of gravesite location and photos
Mortgage payment calculation (Java)
TIAA-CREF Top Stocks
Astronomy, Science and Space
Data Online
The Aztec Calendar
Desktop pictures Of The Solar System
Solar System Live
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
International Space Station
Project Galileo (JPL) - Jupiter Mission
Cassini Home Page: The Mission
Today @ NASA
Astronomical Data Online
Metonic cycle
Mars Pathfinder Mission
Wierd Science and Technology ( & etc.)
cat door control
Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
Getting Iron from your breakfast cereal
Downsize the Solar System!
The exploding whale
Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide!
Making money through ignorance.
Science Fiction
NESFA New England Science Fiction Association
Pandora's Books Online
Star Trek Information
Sci-Fi Channel: The Dominion
Misc: Music, Recipes, Humor, Politics, etc.
The Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation
They Might Be Giants
Survey - Find your Behavioral Style
USDA Nutrient Database reference
HCI Chronicle Section: Comics
The Utah Baby Namer
Best Fares Discount Travel Magazine - Online
Religion, Philosophy, etc.
Mithya Institute for Learning and Knowledge Architecture
LDS General Conference
LDS Temple List