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My  Family Picture Here
Joseph F. Buchanan and family
(Back)Sarah and Jonathan, Nathan, Joseph and Shauna, Adam(kind of in-between us all), Jeremy Billette, David (holding Moira)
(Front)Aaron, Kel Biesinger, Quinn and Mary Biesinger (Quinn holding Drew, Mary holding Isaac), Tova Biesinger, Charla (David's wife - she is holding Ethan) and Mark
Mary's family1Mary's family1Here is Mary's family
Jonathan in Fancy outfit
Here is Jonathan in his Native American fancy outfit. He does dancing.
David's family1Here is David's family
Nathan eating Ice Cream
Here is Nathan eating Ice Cream.

Our pets (all unreproducable, of course): Thea, Tim and Scratch.
The family flag.
My  Family HomeOur Home. My  Family ChurchOur Church.
Calf Creek vacation
Our vacation to Calf Creek 7/25/96.

I lived as a child in the Park City area. Here are some of my thoughts and some pictures.

My Genealogy
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